It’s time to STOP.

Not sure about you, but in this culture and world we live in today, it seems we are running on full throttle. Working each day to move our way up the ladder to a better career or job. It’s rare to find someone who has worked in the same job for twenty or more years. Why is that?

Are we wanting more out of life? Are we unhappy with the life we live today?

There are so may gadgets we use today in this techno world like iPhones, ipads, tablets (not the medical ones), apps, ebooks, etc. The world has changed so quickly, even from when I left school just 14 years ago. The internet was just new when I was doing year twelve. But now you can get on the web through our phones so easily. It’s the way of life today.

I think the intention of all these things were to make life easier. I beg to differ. I think it’s time to STOP!

In the past few weeks I’ve spoken with a number of people who have been revving at full throttle. An engine will only last so long revving flat-out.  Eventually it will blow up. We as people are exactly the same. If we keep going the way we are, the depression, high stress, burn out and mental illness will become more and more prevalent. We have to stop and smell the roses!

When we travel along a road there are a number of road signs to help keep things safe on the road. Signs like a T-junction approaching, cross-road coming up, give way and speed limit signs. The STOP sign I think is most important. If we come to an intersection with a stop sign there, we can obey the sign or not. If we don’t stop and continue through the intersection, we put ourselves and people travelling with us at risk. High risk! It can end in tragedy and loss.

It’s no different in life and in our day-to-day work. If we keep travelling along our life road and ignore the warning signs, we put ourselves at high risk. We need to STOP! We need to sit there. We need to wait for the traffic to pass. We need to let others go across in front of us. Let the buzzing cars, bikes and other traffic pass before we move forward. It doesn’t take long for traffic to pass by, but if we don’t stop and wait for the stuff to pass, it can end up burning us out and making us very unwell.  The people close to us get affected as well, if we don’t stop.

Think about for a minute how many stop signs you’d encounter on a half hour trip in a car. Not many! Depending on the difficulty of the road, you may encounter ten. On an easier road there may be three. It’s the same in life. When things are going well you may not have to stop as much, but when there is a lot going on in your life you may have to stop more often.

So my encouragement to you today is be aware of the road you’re travelling. Be aware of the stop signs. It doesn’t take long to stop every now and again. So please, please, don’t ignore the stop signs!


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