Tired, stressed?

Are you tired, stressed? You’ll feel better on Swisse. Gee…I sound just like Ricky Ponting! I’m sure you’ve heard that somewhere before. To be honest, we don’t need vitamins. Sorry Ricky. We need to stop and retreat!

This feeling of tiredness is there to make us slow down. To make us stop for a bit and catch our breath.

In the past months I’ve had times where I’ve felt tired and worn out. Earlier this year my daughter Matilda was born. Having broken sleep is a killer, just ask any new parents. During this time we were seeding on the farm and working some long hours. It was all very tiring.

Have a think for a moment, what are you involved in and do these things tire you out? Is it being on a number of committees or community groups?  Or is it playing sport? Depending on your line of work there will be times when you’re busy and get tired. As I now work as a farm hand the busy periods are seeding and harvest. If you’re a teacher, is it report writing, camps or even concerts? I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture. If you don’t get the picture, pick up your local newspaper. In my ‘local rag’ I’ve counted at least twenty-four organisations advertising stuff in the community section. There are so many groups to be involved in.

I haven’t even mentioned where our families and relationships fit into all of this. Wife, kids, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and mates. How do we fit the most important people into this scenario?

The point is that we all get tired, stressed or even burnt out at some stage of  our lives. The best thing we can do is try our best to avoid it.  We must simplify our lives.

When you have a heart for people and the wider community it’s hard to pull back and be selfish for a bit. If you love helping people it is so important to look after yourself. Sometimes we have to retreat to the trenches to have a break. When our soldiers are  fighting a war they don’t fight 24/7. They retreat to the trenches and their camps to catch their breath and heal the wounded. We’re the same. We need to have our own time.

Sometimes we have to take ourselves out of the organisation for a while to clear our minds.

I am involved in running the CYP Shed night. A lot of energy gets spent on organising, chatting with people and cooking BBQ’s. I love being involved with shed night but I need my own time to recharge the batteries. I do this by retreating and spending time with the Big Fella. Reading the bible gives me so much encouragement and I can continue to stand on the promises He shows me through this. The half hour drive home from work is also a time when I can crank the tunes up and sing some ‘karaoke dokey.’

‘I don’t care if I can’t sing. These are my favourite tunes. Therefore, I will sing.’

This helps me recharge. When Matilda was born I didn’t go to a shed night because it was all too much and my priority was my family. I feel less involved in things now than ever before.

I guess this leads me to priorities. I’d like some feedback here. If you’re feeling tired and worn out what can you do or not do to recharge? Instead of being on five committees and playing two sports, maybe cut back to the ones you absolutely want to do. Not the ones you feel you should do.

‘So don’t SHOULD on yourself and don’t SHOULD on anyone else.’

So sit down for ten minutes (if you can find it) and list 1-10 the most important things in your life. Let us know what they are below and let’s help each other.

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