What makes a home?

A question I’ve been asking myself recently is what makes a home?  A week from now we will of left our home as we knew it, to start a new one on a farm property.

Photo courtesy of happynews.comWe have known for a while now we will be moving house but as the days near to the big move the feelings of sadness, grief or even loss come to mind and are in our hearts. We know this is where God is leading us but the plan is yet to be revealed.

Earlier this year I took a farmhand job on a friends farm due to work being quiet in the building industry. From the day I took the job, myself and Lisa knew a move was on the cards. Driving a half hour to and from work each day gets tiring.

We have started to pack boxes and remove photos from the walls and fridge. The first house we’ve known as a family, starts to look quite bare and cold. We have spoken about what we’ll miss from the area and they are the creature comforts we have become accustomed to. DVD shops, foodland 5 minutes away, the beach is a 5 minute walk and the pizza and take away shops are just around the corner.

These are all things which can be replaced by new experiences living on a farm property. The farm will give great space for the kids to learn and grow and will be where I do most of my work.

When we start to peel back the layers of moving house, the one thing (apart from all the material stuff) we can take with us are the memories. Building our first home together was huge and then to move into it just after being married was special. Setting the house up as our own and bringing Ollie and Matilda home for the first time were moments we’ll always cherish. Seeing the place change over the years in the garden from old photos is unreal. When we stopped and thought about all the time we spent out there turning it from dirt to a garden was amazing. From building pergolas, sheds, laying pavers and lawn, planting shrubs and fruit trees. All this was revealing who we are as a family.

The memories that brings tears to our eyes is when people were involved. Friends and family came over for birthdays, baptisms, christmas lunches and someone would always just drop in for a coffee or quiet beer. But then I think about the endless races we had with Ollie up and down the driveway on scooters and playing hide and seek. We’ll always remember these times and where they happened at stocker street Moonta Bay.

So next week we’ll be busy setting up our new home to make it something that is about our family. A house is just mere bricks, mortar and bare and naked walls. But when you start to reveal your heart in the place, that is when it really becomes a home.

As I reflect, the question still stands. What makes a home? What is home?

You’ve all heard the saying, “Home is where the heart is.”

It’s only as I’ve written this post has it made sense. I believe that no matter where I go or what house I live in, I’ll always be home. As long as I have my relationship with God, my beautiful and loving wife and 2 happy and smiling kids I’ll always be home.

These people are what brings me home. These people are in the centre of my heart. They are home to me.

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This clip by Switchfoot describes everything that home is. Have a listen.


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