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Another ordinary day.

Well, Easter has been and gone for another year but if you believe in the Risen Jesus then you would be celebrating this day every day.

This year we didn’t travel anywhere. We had the best time as a family and the special part was the TIME we had together. We didn’t spend heaps of money on accommodation but we walked 20 metres out our back door, set up a tent and camped for the night. Well….Ollie and myself did. Lisa and Matilda slept in the comfort of their own beds. We cooked damper over the fire and had pancakes for breakfast the next morning.537306_232411976897557_248400846_n

All of this was the most simplistic of Easter week ends.

The video clip below was posted on Fathering Adventures Facebook page. I watched it just after packing away all of our camping gear. When I stopped and watched, the last 24 hours came flooding back into my mind and heart. My eyes started welling up when I thought of the fun, the smiles, the love shown to one another, through simply living with a loving wife and kids.

This clip topped off a fantastic 4 days spent together with family. Take a look and be thankful for the ordinary days you spend together with the people closest to you.

Share in the comments below, what you cherished most about your Easter weekend.


When the heck will he ever show up?

Last week while I was getting ready at home, God revealed himself in the most weird but real way. Where was I you ask? Well I was on the dunny!

I was sitting there doing the business…(won’t give you any more detail!), while my son Ollie was running around inside. He was looking for me. He was yelling out, “Dad, where are you?”

“I’m in here,” I said.

He ran down the end of the house but still couldn’t find me!

Again Ollie yelled, “Dad, I can’t find you, I want to to show you something.”

I replied, “I’m in here….in the toilet.”

Next I heard little feet pitter, patter down the hall.

Getting closer he opened the door.

“Oh…I found you,” he said.

This made me think of how often we are looking for our Heavenly Dad and wishing He’d just show up. Sometimes, like Ollie we have to ask a few times! I believe God will only show himself when we ask and even when we’re specific about what we want.

This was real in a way, when I woke at 3 in the morning the night before Big shed. I couldn’t sleep and wrote a few things on my mind down. I just simply asked God, to give me a couple hours of solid sleep before the Big Shed day. Well, 2 hours passed and I woke feeling refreshed and ready for the most inspiring day.

Another moment just now, that made me think of my Father was when Ollie was brushing his teeth. There wasn’t a towel to wipe his mouth on so he ran and got one. I was thinking don’t worry mate, I’ll get the towel while you brush your teeth. But he was hell bent on getting it and doing something independent. I though to myself OK no worries. What’s the rush??

This taught me patience. Kids teach you a lot about yourself but one of them is definitely patience! I thought…. how long did God have to wait for me to get my act together and give him my heart?! Well it took about 28 years but even from my end it was well worth it! He was as patient as they come. I’m definitely thankful that He didn’t run out on me or give up on me.

So there you have it, a few real life moments of God showing up in all things! Even while you’re sitting on the dunny?

The Father Effect

“The biggest problem our country is facing right now is dealing with fatherhood and the roles that dads are playing in the lives of their families.”

“We have a whole generation of men, who don’t understand how much they mean to their kids.” – Tony Dungy, Author

As a father, I can have the biggest impact to shape our community to be better. It starts in my home raising my kids.

Check out this short film below to hear stories of the Father Effect. After watching, share in the comments below on how your father has shaped you. Good or bad!


A 2012 Update.

Well another year has nearly passed us by. For our family the year 2012 has been quite an eventful one.

When 2012 ticked over on Jan 1, my work as a steel frame contractor was up in the air. I had 6 weeks off in between jobs and with another baby on the way in April we needed more financial security than not knowing when the next job would arise. We decided to take another job as a farm hand and finish off my contractors business of building steel framed houses.

In late March we held the first BuShed Blokes weekend at Maitland which was run by our Central Yorke Peninsula Shed Night. It was inspiring to see 1oo blokes get real and honest from the deep parts of their hearts about the stuff we face as men. There were so many blokes that returned to their wives and families with weight lifted from their shoulders.

P1020520April brought great joy to our family as we welcomed our daughter Matilda into the world.

The logistics of home life changed somewhat with an extra person around to take our attention. Since she arrived there has been many tears, smiles and laughs shared. She definitely lights up our world.

Lisa had recently finished an Interior Design course online earlier in the year while pregnant with Matilda.

After a bit of work behind the scenes she launched into cyberspace with her online business Little Peepz in May.

Little Peepz specializes in toys, decor and accessories. It’s great to see this develop with no expectations or limits put on it. In Lisa’s words, ‘I just love making nice things for people and if they like it well that’s a bonus.’ Lisa’s heart has surfaced through this and as husband I’m very proud of her.P1020812

Lake Eyre became a destination for myself, Dad and my 3 brothers in June. We spent 3 nights away swagging it in minus 3 temperatures. This was great because it was a first for us blokes to be able to do this and spend some quality time away as men.

We were able to celebrate Ollie’s 3rd birthday at Marion Holiday Park in July when we spent a holiday there for a week.

Chasing ducks around at the back door of the cabin and swimming at the nearby State Aquatic Centre were highlights as well.

Matilda was baptised in September with close family and friends.

P1030252It was such a wonderful day to welcome our daughter into God’s family and to be able to share it with the people closest to us.

In early October it was time to start packing boxes and get ready for the move to Maitland on to the farm property.

For anyone who has moved house before this was a huge effort. It goes on for weeks and weeks. Finally in mid October we said goodbye to our house at Moonta Bay and was time to create more memories at Maitland on the farm. Ollie took a bit to adjust with the friendly flies getting up close and personal. I had to tell him that flies are okay because they’re your friends. Ha, it worked for a bit!

The farm was hugely blessed with bumper crops during the busy harvest period. Once we finished I had to re-introduce myself to the family after sitting in the truck for 4 weeks. December has been quite cruisy catching up on things at home and in life while fitting in some work with all of that.

Throughout the year I have continued to be involved in Shed Nights once a month.

Witnessing many more men becoming the real person they were created to be is humbling to be a part of. All glory is God’s in this and if it’s His will, he’ll continue to build Shed Night’s to each corner of this great nation.

Lisa continues to do the toughest job on earth, being a stay at home Mum.

The work is never-ending. Having Little Peepz on the side helps rejuvenate her mind and gives her an extra little kick to get through the weeks.

Ollie continue s to be a normal 3-year-old boy.

Ollie got to spend some time with me in the truck.

Ollie got to spend some time with me in the truck.

His humour, smile and energy is infectious and brings much joy to our family. Gym jams, playgroup and morning catch ups with friends keeps him entertained and busy.

Matilda is just a gorgeous little girl.

She is growing up way too fast but she teaches us to cherish each moment we have together.

Our family thanks all of you for your friendships through another 12 months. We want to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year. We pray you stay safe and that the little gift of  baby Jesus may spark your heart into something greater for 2013. May the hope,victory and freedom Jesus has given us fill your lives into the next 12 months.

Love you all,

Luke, Lisa, Oliver and Matilda. xxxx

What’s been happening?

I’m sure you’ve all asked this question before. What’s been happening?

Well for me I’m finally back online! After 6 weeks in the cyberspace wilderness I’m back into my hobby of writing blogs. There has been a lot going on in the last 6 weeks but now things seem to be getting back on track. I looked at my last blog post and it was titled ‘What makes a home? I wrote that on the 15th October.’ It got me thinking a lot of ‘water has passed under the bridge’ since that post. I’ll just give you a quick run down of the happenings of Luke in the last weeks.

The night before we moved house from Moonta Bay our battery on our laptop ‘kicked the bucket’! This didn’t bother me so much because we were busy enough with moving, that I didn’t have time to write anything. We ordered a battery online and after 2 weeks waiting for it we guessed we were ‘taken for a ride’ with this online company! Luckily for us PayPal has retrieved our money for us. After this we finally ordered one from Adelaide that was here within a few days. Then we had to sort out our internet. We had a champion bloke come and sort this out for us whose service was top-notch. He knew his stuff and his customer service was fantastic. Anything internet related, speak to Roosy at the Telstra shop in Kadina.

Ollie got to spend some time with me in the truck.

As I write this I’m enjoying a beer after finishing harvest for 2012 yesterday. This started late October and we’ve been blessed with awesome weather so we can reap with no major hold ups. I must say we are truly thankful to God with the season we’ve had. He has certainly provided for us in a big way. During this busy period I must thank my wife. There are many hours where I was not around. Getting home when kids are bathed, fed and in bed are a testament for the great job Lisa has done. Love you honey.  Spending Sundays with the family were special. When I don’t see the special people in my life for extended periods, my heart yearns for just some time with them.

The other major thing to happen was moving into our new home. The day we moved was a bit like a whirlwind. There was all hands on deck to get this done in a day. We had family and friends chip and help where needed. We’ve now settled in and we’re enjoying farm life again. Ollie loves riding around the verandah on his bike (until a few days ago, but that’s another story) and collecting eggs from the chooks each day. The flies are fantastic as well. I had to tell Ollie that ‘Flies are your friend and that’s why they’re on your face!’ It worked for a few days!

So that’s about it. Hopefully now I can get back into a bit more writing again. Stay tuned to my blog as there is some great stuff coming up. Feel free to sign up and get these direct to your email inbox. Just click at the top right under Follow Blog via Email. Also let me know what you’ve been up to recently. As I’ve experienced a lot can happen in only 6 weeks!

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Oh and for you cricket fans, here’s some news hot off the press. Australia’s greatest run scorer has retired. Ricky Ponting will retire after the 3rd Test against South Africa at the WACA. He has been a champion player so let’s get a win for him. C’mon Aussies!

What makes a home?

A question I’ve been asking myself recently is what makes a home?  A week from now we will of left our home as we knew it, to start a new one on a farm property.

Photo courtesy of happynews.comWe have known for a while now we will be moving house but as the days near to the big move the feelings of sadness, grief or even loss come to mind and are in our hearts. We know this is where God is leading us but the plan is yet to be revealed.

Earlier this year I took a farmhand job on a friends farm due to work being quiet in the building industry. From the day I took the job, myself and Lisa knew a move was on the cards. Driving a half hour to and from work each day gets tiring.

We have started to pack boxes and remove photos from the walls and fridge. The first house we’ve known as a family, starts to look quite bare and cold. We have spoken about what we’ll miss from the area and they are the creature comforts we have become accustomed to. DVD shops, foodland 5 minutes away, the beach is a 5 minute walk and the pizza and take away shops are just around the corner.

These are all things which can be replaced by new experiences living on a farm property. The farm will give great space for the kids to learn and grow and will be where I do most of my work.

When we start to peel back the layers of moving house, the one thing (apart from all the material stuff) we can take with us are the memories. Building our first home together was huge and then to move into it just after being married was special. Setting the house up as our own and bringing Ollie and Matilda home for the first time were moments we’ll always cherish. Seeing the place change over the years in the garden from old photos is unreal. When we stopped and thought about all the time we spent out there turning it from dirt to a garden was amazing. From building pergolas, sheds, laying pavers and lawn, planting shrubs and fruit trees. All this was revealing who we are as a family.

The memories that brings tears to our eyes is when people were involved. Friends and family came over for birthdays, baptisms, christmas lunches and someone would always just drop in for a coffee or quiet beer. But then I think about the endless races we had with Ollie up and down the driveway on scooters and playing hide and seek. We’ll always remember these times and where they happened at stocker street Moonta Bay.

So next week we’ll be busy setting up our new home to make it something that is about our family. A house is just mere bricks, mortar and bare and naked walls. But when you start to reveal your heart in the place, that is when it really becomes a home.

As I reflect, the question still stands. What makes a home? What is home?

You’ve all heard the saying, “Home is where the heart is.”

It’s only as I’ve written this post has it made sense. I believe that no matter where I go or what house I live in, I’ll always be home. As long as I have my relationship with God, my beautiful and loving wife and 2 happy and smiling kids I’ll always be home.

These people are what brings me home. These people are in the centre of my heart. They are home to me.

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This clip by Switchfoot describes everything that home is. Have a listen.

Spend time this Father’s Day.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad’s out there. I hope you have a great day spending it with your kids and families. It’s these moments we need stop, sit back and cherish most. We can all get so consumed in our own lives but a real dad is someone who is self-sacrificing and who prioritises your family above anything else.

I’ll put my hand up and say that sometimes I can be selfish. I need to constantly tell myself that it’s not all about me and what I want. When I discipline my kids I have to take deep breaths and talk calmly and sternly instead of ranting and raving at them. Taking my stuff out on them isn’t fair. The situation escalates when the voices start to rise.

The other thing I’m mindful of is reflecting my Heavenly Father to my kids. He is simply a God of love.  If I speak in front of blokes at shed nights and say stuff to encourage them but don’t live it at home then I’m the biggest hypocrite going around.

All I know is that when you have kids you do the best that you know how. There is no right or wrong way to bring up kids. What I do know is that they just want your time. Time to sit with them. For them to know they’re important in our eyes.  Click here to view a short YouTube clip to show how much kids love being with you.

So this Father’s Day tell your kids verbally what they mean to you and cherish every minute you have with them. They’ll thank you for it in years to come.

These blog posts can be emailed directly to your inbox, just sign up at the top right of this page under Follow blog via email. This is my twitter and Facebook where we can keep in touch as well. If you like what you read then click the share button and pass it on to others.