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Shed Night Australia

Shed nights are sweeping their way across Australia. They provide a safe place for men to get together and do life together. The shed is giving blokes an opportunity and a space for them to meet their Creator one on one.

One of the biggest killers of men today is loneliness. Going through life by yourself is no good! It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.  We’ve been designed to connect with each other. Once a month you can come to a shed night and meet a bunch of champion blokes.

You will be encouraged to become the ‘real’ blokes you were created to be. Seeing men speak from their hearts instead of their heads is healing relationships across this nation.

Below is a ‘top notch’ 3 minute youtube clip which explains more about shed nights. Check it out.

There is more information at the website If you’re on facebook then check out the shed night page here.