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The Father Effect

“The biggest problem our country is facing right now is dealing with fatherhood and the roles that dads are playing in the lives of their families.”

“We have a whole generation of men, who don’t understand how much they mean to their kids.” – Tony Dungy, Author

As a father, I can have the biggest impact to shape our community to be better. It starts in my home raising my kids.

Check out this short film below to hear stories of the Father Effect. After watching, share in the comments below on how your father has shaped you. Good or bad!



Enough is enough!

Last year I went to Big Shed Happens in Brisbane. I heard a fantastic bloke speak about the issues that face society today. I hear from so many people concerned about where our great nation is heading. Peter Janetzki does a 35 minute presentation on Enough is enough!

Check it out below. (There are 3 clips of 12 minutes each.)

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