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An Unexplainable Tragedy.

We have all heard of the horrific shooting tragedy that struck a school in Newtown, USA in the past week. Our human nature allows us to question why this has happened. We want answers but know that our focus and our hearts have to be with the victims families and the wider Newtown community. People even ask, if there is a God then where was He in all of this? How could he allow this to happen?

These questions are all valid but when you step back there is a big picture of the world we live in. In this world there is good and evil. These unexplainable tragedies will continue to happen. Bad things will happen as great and exciting things will continue to happen.

You know, I choose to see the good in all. Instead of looking from the bottom of the mountain, go to the top and see the whole view. It’s so much better and more to see.

Yesterday I saw a clip come across my Facebook page which I had to share with you all. A news announcer gives his answer to the question of ‘where was God in this?’ Check it out HERE.

My heartfelt prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims families and the community of Newtown. I pray the peace of God will fill their hearts in this time of grief. I pray for the nation of America that in the gloom and darkness of this, that it’s heart will return to the foundation and rock which is King Jesus!


Rain needed.

Life on the land can be pretty tough. With the season nearing it’s end there are still areas of this great country that need rain.

So please keep in mind the farmers out there that are looking for a soaking rain for their crops or stock feed. Wherever you are please pray specifically to our Creator for rain to soak the dry areas of this country.

Remember He is a faithful God and does answer our prayers. If you know people doing it tough through dry times (weather, relationships, finances, health etc.) maybe just give them a quick call or text to offer some encouragement.

A battle is easier fought in numbers. Not alone!