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Some great stories in the AFL Grand Final

The 2012 AFL season has come to an end for another year. If you love your footy like I do, you’ll know it was a cracker game. Sydney were just brilliant and had that little bit more when it was needed. In the fall out of this grand final there have been some great stories. Some that stood out for me were the ones which come from the heart.

Photo courtesy of AAP Newswire Multimedia

Firstly to see Jarrad McVeigh, the swans co-captain stand aloft with the premiership cup was an inspiration to all.

Just over 12 months ago, McVeigh and wife Clementine suffered a tragic loss, when their infant daughter, Luella, died after a month-long battle with a heart problem.

He was able to celebrate his first flag with his wife and baby daughter Lolita-Luella, who was born in July. Seeing the footage of his wife and baby at the final siren brought a tear to my eye. (You can watch this by clicking on AFL Game Day. Scroll down and click on video McVeigh family’s emotional ride.)

As I write this my 6 month old daughter, Matilda is rolling around on the floor, smiling and blowing raspberries. My heart aches for parents who have lost little ones when they bring such joy to our lives. Stopping, admiring and appreciating them is what life is all about.

The other story was the humble nature of Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson. Many would say that the loss of a grand final is a tragedy but Clarkson put the loss into perspective.

The Herald Sun writes:

Speaking a the Hawks’ Grand Final dinner at Crown, Clarkson said: “(This) isn’t a true tragedy. True tragedy, as I said to the players after the game, is what happened to that poor lady in Brunswick last week.

“True tragedy is what happened to Jarrad McVeigh’s daughter last year.”

One-month-old Luella McVeigh died from a heart condition.

“True tragedy is what happened to my brother-in-law earlier this year when he died of a brain tumour,” Clarkson added.

“That’s what brings a genuine tear to my eye.

“We’re in the theatre of sport.”

The amount of media publicity in sport today, makes some think that this is all that matters, but to hear a coach put the mere game of footy into perspective was refreshing.

Throughout the footy season there is conversation made to sound like this is all that matters in life. But when you step back from the game itself there are people’s lives and relationships which are more important.

Hearing a couple of these stories away from the grand final itself is what I truly love to hear.

Listening to people’s heart speak gives you a huge insight into the person. So when you are walking through life, take a step back from the intense nature of the footy and maybe sift through it to find something with greater meaning.

After all, footy’s only a game!


Enough is enough!

Last year I went to Big Shed Happens in Brisbane. I heard a fantastic bloke speak about the issues that face society today. I hear from so many people concerned about where our great nation is heading. Peter Janetzki does a 35 minute presentation on Enough is enough!

Check it out below. (There are 3 clips of 12 minutes each.)

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